I am sitting at Gerald Ford airport waiting for my flight back to PHX where I will pack and head out for the start of this adventure.  It’s interesting how quickly we can go from one side of the country to another yet if I make 20 Miles a day paddling it will be a very successful day.  It’s hard to grasp just how much time it took people to get around in the past and the canoe was a huge part of the early explorers life.  Unlike today, I don’t think they were in much of a rush.  I hope I get to that point.  A point where just waiting on God and the biggest decision being where to camp or pitch my tent will consume my thoughts.

I am a bit worried at the late start but think it will be ok in the long run.  To those who pray for me and to those who follow this blog……thank you.  Feel free to make comments as it reminds me that there are people who actually encourage and care for what I am doing.

Updates to follow soon.


One thought on “Thoughts

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