Down to the wire.

Well. it is coming down to the wire for this trip to get started. So much to do and I stink at this planning phase. Things are pretty much on track. I have a new route which, is as long and possibly more dangerous but time and preparation will tell. God has my back. I will post the route later. As for now, I decided to get a new sleeping bag and pad for this journey. My old sleeping bag would have got me through with some care but why risk it. I went with a bag that has amazing reviews and I trust to get the job done. Wiggy’s is the brand if you want to look it up.

Life has thrown some curve balls and the trip has been moved back almost a month. This is going to effect a lot of things and is the sole reason I changed routes. Instead of starting in PA, I am still doing a long route but I will push off on the Mississippi river and head north from there. It has turned into a loop route and what has me worried is the possibility of Polar Bears. Normal bears I have no issue with, Polar Bears are on a whole different level so I will be taking multiple cans of bear spray. IF I encounter them, it will be for a very, very brief spell though so things should be good but they consume my thoughts.

More to come in the coming days. I will have my SPOT tracking site going and will put links to the trip map here. I will also be posting some before photos when I get around to taking them. perhaps just a few days before I push off.

There are still a few items needed and its not too late to make a donation if you feel led. Thanks for hanging around and reading my blog. God bless.

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