There is something in the air

Some may say it is a natural part of life. Some will comment about how their time was up. Either way, it is a small or no comfort to those they leave behind. in the last three months, I know five people who have died. Five. One took their own life, 4 died of either cancer or heart issues. Either way, it calls to mind the reason for this trip. TO LIVE LIFE. To get out and do the things we may not be able to do tomorrow. Tomorrow is promised to no-one, so the old cliche goes.

I think about this trip….A LOT. It consumes my thoughts on a daily basis. Lately, I have been thinking about the things that could go wrong and what I will do if something unplanned happens. The reality is we can only prepare so much. What if the canoe flips in remote Canada, I hit my head on a rock and pass out and drown? What if I wake up and outside of a headache and a concussion, I am ok but the canoe and my gear are gone? What happens if I fall into the fire while cooking dinner? Am attacked by a bear? Puncture a lung with a tree branch while portaging? Just flat get lost? Really, really lost? Although I have a pretty good grasp on the outdoors, have experience and a good set of primitive skills, stuff can happen, A friend of mine said the risks are to great, just don’t go. Actually, I hear this a lot. Its a small group of people who are excited for this trip, me being the biggest one. I keep telling myself that it will all turn out ok in the end. Despite the freezing rain, crazy amounts of bugs, upturned canoes, loss of gear, huge waves, lack of sleep and lack of nutrition I know I am going to go through, I persist. Something draws me and I know it is GOD and a passion to tell people there is more to life than the 9 to 5. So I press on with preparations and planning.

Time is growing short. The days are moving along very quickly. I look at the date in the corner of my computer and it is T-30 days and counting before I say farewell to security, a safe place to sleep and friends and family. My mind wanders to the amount of work still left to do. The packing, GPS mapping, storage of items I cannot take with me. Things I have to activate and deactivate. Where does the time go?

I notice a huge spike in new viewers reading pieces of my blog, little subtexts of the whole plan. I wonder if it effects them or if they also think I am crazy? People from around the world reading just enough to move on to the next interesting thing. This trip is for them also. This trip is for anyone and everyone who has wanted to do something like this and has never taken the plunge. For those who have a dream but are too afraid to make the decision to follow that dream. This expedition is bigger than me. I know I am going to suffer. It is part of an expedition. It is for those who cannot suffer because they are leading a different life.

I cannot discount the GOD factor in all this. Back when I was in the military, I relied totally on God to keep me safe in ANY situation. Not just my mind but also my body. HE promised HE would and HE delivered and I grew close to HIM. Every time we do something out of our comfort zone, at least with me, we rely on God even more. Grow closer to HIM. Grow bolder in HIS word and learn new things that only HE can teach us. For this alone I will make launch. I ask you launch with me. Follow my blog, meet for lunch along the route, share this with a friend. After all….its your life. go live it.

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